Hatrick Hero Shivarajkumar responding over the Unlock 5.0 guidelines said, Happy for theatres to open, but will not insist any one to take risk and watch movies.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued guidelines for reopening cinema halls and multiplex’s from October 15, has brought some relief to movie mongers and cine lovers. Whereas, the new MHA guidelines permit cinema theatres and multiplex to open with upto 50 percent of seating capacity.

On Thursday, After visiting the Mysore Zoo, Actor Shivarajkumar said, “It is a good news that the theaters are allowed to open. But on how many people should come to theater, I cannot comment as an actor.”

The Chief Minister Yeddyurappa has promised to help the film industry which was in crisis, during the lockdown. We are waiting in anticipation for it. We are waiting to get a good response from him. We should not force the government.

They are also in trouble. The government must handle it all. So they need time. I believe in CM’s words. The film industry is expecting the government assistance, said Shivarajkumar.

As an actor I can do shooting and acting. I cannot talk about the release and distribution of the film. For that there are producers, they will decide on it. I invite the audience to come see the cinema. But Shivarajkumar said that he will not insist any one to take risk and watch movies.

As cinema is also an industry. Like all industry it must rise slowly. I’m not saying which cinema should come. All movies are the same. It is like a magic any movie can win. But let people come to the theater taking care of their safety. No matter what the problem is in the theater. He said the safety of the crowd is very important to us.




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