Petrol bb

It has been revealed lately that, actor Rishab Shetty was injured when a petrol bomb exploded during the shoot of Hero movie.

The incident took place during the lockdown when the film was shot in Belur. Actress Ganavi Laxman and actor Rishab Shetty trying to escape in the movie scene, when the petrol bomb exploded. Rishab Shetty had caught with fire near his head and back and was rushed to the hospital.

Reacting on the news, Actor Rishab Shetty stated, This incident took place in July last year, and the movie was shot in a private place not a forest area. We had taken all precautions before shooting but unfortunately it happened. I did get caught by the fire on my back and my hair. But nothing happened.”

“This video was not leaked for any publicity stunt. If so we would have done it even before the trailer release. By mistake the video file was shared from our team with other clips. I got calls from people thinking it happened recently. I am thankful for everyone who showed concern, especially Ravichandran sir, Anirudh and many more,” said Rishab.

The Hero movie had released the trailer and got good response from public. The movie is now all set to release on 5 March. Already the trailer and songs have entertained the cinemongers.

While, the movie Hero will be Rishab Shetty’s second movie in a lead role after Bell Bottom. As Rishab is a successful director and producer in Sandalwood, and now he continues his stint as a successful hero too.

Petrol Bomb



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