“Kuntebille” Has a Rural Charm


Stepping into the director’s chair once again is Sidde Gowda GBS, who is renowned for helming successful movies such as “Daksha Yagna,” “Tharle Village,” and “Ritumati.” His latest venture, “Kuntebille,” promises to captivate audiences with its rural charm.

In a significant casting decision, newcomer Yadhu takes on the lead role, marking his debut in Sandalwood. Alongside him is Meghashree, a seasoned actress known for her diverse roles in several films, adding richness to the ensemble.

Supporting roles are brought to life by Kishore, Pavitra Lokesh, Shankar Ashwath, and Chandra Prabha. Director Sidde Gowda expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We have crafted a narrative around the beloved childhood game Kuntebille, delving into themes of love, pain, and desire.”

Producer S.B. Shiva remarked, “We have created a compelling film. Yadhu brings a fresh perspective to the lead role.” Another producer, Kumar Gowda, shared his journey, saying, “I had aspirations of becoming an artist in Bengaluru thirty years ago. Now, I am fulfilling that dream through my son.”

Meghashree praised the script and title, highlighting the uniqueness of the story. “I portray a village girl from a wealthy family, a role I’ve never encountered before in Kannada cinema,” she said. Yadhu expressed gratitude for the opportunity, vowing to deliver a stellar performance.

Veteran actor Shankar Ashwath added, “Every good deed on Akshaya Tritiya brings auspicious results, and I believe the same holds true for our film.” Emphasizing the significance of rural games, he remarked, “This film promises to be intriguing, highlighting the essence of village life.”

Madhu, the dialogue writer, assured freshness in the script, incorporating real-life village incidents to enrich the narrative.


Kuntebille Kuntebille


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