The trailer of the upcoming multistarrer film ‘Hondisi Bareyiri’ was released by producer Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar and the movie is all set to be released on February 10. Debutant Director Ramenahalli Jagannatha in the trailer promises a coming-of-age tale. With blooming college romances, friendships, and heartbreaks with a nostalgic touch.

The movie ‘Hondisi Bareyari’ stars a variety of young talent that includes Praveen Tej, Bhavana Rao, Samyukta Horanadu, Aishani Shetty, Naveen Shankar, Sri Mahadev, Archana Jois, Anirudh Acharya in lead roles.

Director Ramenahalli Jagannath said, I remember childhood when i listen to the word ‘Hondisi Bariyiri’. The hope of this film is to adapt to the circumstances and accept life as it comes. The twelve year journey of five friends is in this film. College, post-college days, life after marriage is shown in this journey. Many people will connect with this movie. The title of this film was given by writer Maasthi Upparahalli. This movie is new to me. We have done a lot of preparation and started working on this movie, there are all experienced actors. The movie is releasing on February 10. Everyone should watch the movie and encourage us.

Actor Praveen Tej said, “The real hero of our film is producer and director Ramenahalli Jagannath. He built a great team and handled everyone very well. He said that this movie has given him a great experience.

Speaking about the movie, Actress Bhavna Rao said, “When you hear the story, it’s a simple story, but the characters in it are very complicated. Just like in our lives, we complicate due to certain situations. This movie will connect with many people. The director was very clear about this movie from the beginning. Thanks to him for giving us such a beautiful movie.”

Actress Aishani Shetty said, “The first reason I accepted the film was the story of this film and for the director Ramenahalli Jagannath. The characters of this film are very close to life. The director has chosen such a subject in the first film. I am very proud to be a part of this film and playing my role.”

” I have played the role of Pallavi in the movie. Pallavi is a very mature character, a simple creature, self-reliant, moderate, who sees all the dualities of life calmly. Pallavi’s character will haunt everyone after watching the movie. I would like to thank the director for giving me the role,” said actress Archana Jois.

Actor Naveen Shankar said, “The main reason for accepting this movie is the purpose of hope thats seen in the story. I really like the things that this movie has to say about relationships, about friendship, about bonding. The movie will connect with everyone. The director has made this movie very well. He has a taste for lyrics that all made the movie beautiful. I have played the role of Ranjith. He is a very experienced and tough boy. I am very happy to be a part of this movie.”


Hondisi bareyiri


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