‘Fortuner’ starring Diganth and Sonu Gowda ready to entertain


Actor Diganth’s after getting hitched is all set for his first new year movie ‘Fortuner’ release this week. The movie has Sonu Gowda in lead, as a egoistic girl.

Director Manjunath of Holenarasipura elaborating on ‘Fourtuner’ says it means ‘Adrushta’ – Luck. When you go behind luck what happens in life is the crux of this film. Diganth Manchale has two heroines Sonu Gowda and Swathi Sharma in the movie. Naveen Krishna, Rajesh Nataranga, Kalyani Raj and others are in the cast.

Diganth plays a rich mans son in the film. There is lot of affluence but in life there is ‘Reality Check’ – what happens is the crux of this film. Do watch the movie hitting screens across Karnataka this week. 


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