Few fans of Powerstar Puneeth Rajkumar had expressed their displeasure over Santhosh Anandram directorial Yuvarathnaa’s ‘Oorigobba Raja’ song.

There were comments on social media that song did not match up to the choreographers dance moves. Also the lyrics written by Santhosh Anandram for the song was not liked by few people.

Speaking about the Yuvrarathnaa song at a news conference, Director Santosh Anandram said, “30 percent of people may have not liked this song. However, 70 per cent of them have liked it. Cinema cannot be made for one set of audience. Each song in the movie is made for a particular audience.”

“The Power of Youth is for young people, Neen Adena made for couples, Oorigobba song was made for children. Children of all age group loves Appu(Puneeth Rajkumar) more. It’s not everyone’s opinion, it’s some people’s opinion. It feels like that when given more importance to it. Everyone is free to share their opinion in the film industry. We respect that.”

Santhosh Anandram

The song was released on February 25 and was composed by S Thaman with lyrics penned by Santosh Anandram. However, fans who were disappointed with the lyrics urged on the social network to remove the song from Yuvarathnaa movie.

The film’s fifth song, Feel the Power, is now released on Friday at 10.12 am, the new Lyrical video song is out now. Here it is, in the below link.


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