COVID19 will impact kannada film growth


The COVID19 virus is currently invoking fear in the entire country. Many industries have been hit and come to a stand still from this virus. Few industries need years to recover. The kannada film industry is no exception.

Releasing a movie after the COVID19 effect will be a problem and challenge in the film industry. Yes, there will be a change in the cinematic release this year in Kannada cinema.

There are usually five releases of cinemas every week. But no movies have been released for four weeks due to the virus. Thus, the number of releases lined up to hit theatres will be a cause of trouble.

Yuvarathnaa Dialogue Teaser

Already a lot of movies are ready for release in March and April. But the calculation is inverted due to this covid. Newcomers, stars … So many movies are in the queue. So when all these films are released at a time, it is unimaginable to guarantee producers money.

There is no definite rule for the release of movie in Kannada industry. There is no one who can prevent a movie from being released. That is the reason for 11-12 movies a week are also released.

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After the lockdown period is resolved, there are movies to be released at once, there will be a release problem in the cinema industry. It is therefore imperative that the Chamber of Commerce and the Producers Association make a rule on this.

There are hundreds of movies on the way, along with five releases that have already been affected from the virus fear. In terms of stars, Robert, Yuvarathnaa, Pogaru, Kotigobba3, Inspector Vikram, Arjun Gowda, 100, Premam Poojyam, Avatar Purusha and more as the list grows.


Amidst all these movies, a whole new set of cinemas are in queue. The feud between the stars and the newcomer cinema will begin. It is best to plan and release the cinema in this regard. Otherwise, Corona’s After Effects would be a major blow for the film industry.

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