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These days, it isn’t uncommon for actresses from one south Indian film industry to cross over to a neighbouring industry to try her luck at films there. In fact, there are many actresses who have made big names across industries. Now actress Harshika Poonacha has joined the league by trying her hand in Bhojpuri cinema.

While actress Harshika Poonacha has appeared in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Kodava, Tulu, Konkani and Malayalam cinema. This Kodava Sundari, who has acted in several South Indian languages ​​including Kannada, is now heading towards North Indian cinema. This is the first time Harshika is acting in a Bhojpuri cinema. Also will co-star with the superstar Pawan Singh.

“After a year and a half I have returned to the set of film shooting. I will be appearing in Bhojpuri Cinema,” says Harshika. Harsika shared the photo on Instagram, writing that she will be sharing screen space with Bhojpuri cinema superstar Pawan Singh.

The Bhojpuri film starring Harshika is yet to be titled. But the film crew has already started shooting. Harshika will be seen playing London’s richest girl in cinema. The entire shooting of the film will take place in London. The film will be released in Hindi along with Bhojpuri.

The cinema is being produced by Abhay Sinha in Yashi Production. Premashu Singh is directing the cinema. Film shoot is almost 50 percent complete. Harsika, who was recovering from the pain after losing her father. She had not acted in any cinema for the past year and a half. Now she will be appearing in Bhojpuri cinema.

A photo taken in London during the filming of the film is being shared on social media.

On her Facebook, Harshika stated, “My life has been a rollercoaster ride since 2 years, I’ve been through many ups and downs, Mostly downs. Still not overcome my Pappa’s loss and It’s been very tough for me and mom.”

“I’m working and I’m back to sets after 1 and 1/2 years. I thank each one of you who kept me in your prayers , and supported me during our rough times. With all your love and blessings, I’m here debuting into a new industry that is Bhojpuri industry, Please keep your support coming,” Harshika said.

“After Kannada,Tamil,Telugu, Malayalam, Kodava,Tulu and Konkani. This will be the eighth language i will be featuring into , Feels good. Well, I did not have anything great happening to share till now. Now this is a new beginning and I’ve got back to work and I feel my Pappa has become my Gaurdian Angel and will keep guarding me from now on,” says Harshika.

She added, Once again I thank each one of you from my Family, friends and well wishers who have been there for me.

harshika poonacha harshika poonacha harshika poonacha

harshika poonacha


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