Actor Srikanth reacts strongly to his involvement in the Bengaluru Rave Party


Movie lovers got a huge shock when they came to know that the Central Crime Branch (CCB) police in Bengaluru had cracked down on a high-profile rave party at a farmhouse near Electronic City, uncovering a drug ring and making several arrests. The rumors spread like wildfire that Tollywood celebrities like Srikanth were caught in a rave party in Bengaluru.

They were surprised to know that the party was organised by a Telugu guy Vasu and the farmhouse was owned by Gopal Reddy of Concorde.

With the news going around, actor Srikanth came in front of the media and reacted strongly issuing clarification over his involvement in Bengaluru Rave Party. Speaking to scribes, he said ‘ I am standing in front of my house and people can check it. I was shocked to see my name pop up in the rave party that was busted by the cops in Bengaluru. At first and my family members laughed at it but with the news circulating widely with many thumbnails coming out in YouTube, I decided to issue a clarification”

Srikanth continued saying ” While many of his media friends, called him personally and decided to confirm with him before publishing any news, few channels started publishing it without verifying the facts. I feel it is not their fault as for the first time when I saw the visual of the person, he resembled me though he had a beard. I am once again clarifying that don’t have the habit of going to rave parties and I do not know what it means also. Sometimes I go to birthday parties but will come within an hour after making my presence felt”

Srikanth added ‘ I request media to confirm and fact check any news before publishing as earlier also they spread rumors that I am getting divorced. ” Srikanth thanked all his media friends for confirming the news and clarifying the same from him before publishing it.




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