The KGF 2 film team has disappointed Rocking Star Yash fans who were expecting a KGF trailer and teaser of the movie amid the lockdown. It was a clear answer given by the production house that only a trailer before movie release to be announced.

The entire Indian cinema is looking towards the release of KGF-2. Actor Yash is making KGF-2 film after the huge success of KGF-1, which is a prequel. The film’s release date has already been announced. But so far, the film has only released a few posters and Yash fans have been waiting for the teaser of the film.

Fans are demanding that the teaser be released via the social network. Fans write asking, We are your true fans and have been waiting for the teaser of the KGF-2 film for many months. Please announce the release date of the teaser of the movie a tweet said by a fan.

Replying to Fans tweet, Kartik Gowda, from KRG Studio and Executive Producer of Hombale Films, said that the teaser of the KGF-2 film will not be released in the near future. We will be releasing a teaser and trailer close to the release of the film. Stay home for now, stay safe and look forward for the trailer.

KGF Adheera
Bollywood Actor Sanjay Dutt popularly called as Sanju Baba is now all set for his Kannada movie debut with KGF Chapter 2 directed by Prashanth Neel. Sanjay Dutt to play a antagonist opposite Rocking star Yash who is already a mass action hero as Rocky in KGF Chapter 1.

The shooting of KGF-2 has been going on for two years. The film has already been announced and will be released on October 23. Meanwhile, the teaser that was supposed to be released on Yash’s birthday has not been released yet. Several Yash fans are asking for the teaser to be released on Twitter.

The whole country is waiting to experience the new trend setter in the film industry, KGF-2. The film features Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt playing the role of Adheera and Raveena Tandon as Prime Minister Ramika Sen. Thus the expectation on the film is high.

Bollywood Actress Raveen Tandon and Rocking Star Yash on the shooting set of KGF 2.



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