Actress Jayashree

Sandalwood actress Jayashree Ramaiah, who previously posted on Facebook that she is committing suicide, has now really committed suicide.

Actress Jayashree rose to fame in Bigg Boss Season 3 and starred in a few movies, including “Kannada Gothilla ” and “Uppi Huli Kara”.

On Monday, Jayashree Ramaiah died at the Sandhiya Kirana Old Age Home in Gollaharahatti’s Pragathi building on Magadi Road. Police who arrived on the scene are investigating the case.

Jayashree, who was suffering from mental depression, posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning, July 22, 2020, ‘I Quit …’ was a source of concern to friends and her fans. Later everyone tried to console her.

Jayashree was a good dancer and also part of Bigg Boss Season 3 in Kannada. He was depressed a few days ago. She was admitted to a rehabilitation center and treated.

Actor Kiccha Sudeep had adviced Jayashree that life was like lesson and she should not have to commit suicide. There are many who are in greater distress than you are going through. They’re all not talking about dying. Your problems are the smallest in front of them. There are so many ways to live.”

She had informed earlier that, “I was raped when I was five years old. I have been sexually assaulted by girls too. Mother beats my older brother. I don’t want to live. I’ve already attempted suicide seven times. Let me get Corona, please. I am not doing this for publicity.”

Jayashree, who was initially an HR in a private company, was drawn to modeling. Jayashree then turned her stint in TV and to acting.

Police are currently investigating the case of the actress’s suicide. The cause of Jayashree’s suicide will be revealed only after the investigation.

Actress Jayashree

Actress Jayashree


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