The actress Ragini Dwivedi who was accused in the drug case, after released on bail is now back in to cinemas. On Saturday, Speaking to media Ragini stated, “I don’t feel I have to respond related to the Drugs case. I know who I am. I need not explain about it.”

Speaking at a news conference, Actress Ragini Dwivedi was seen showing her displeasure in her face over the statements in media.

“I don’t want to talk about the drugs case. News channels have already made their own inquiries. You all have given a headline with subtitles and proceeded with your inquiry. Also you have given the Judgement. If you all wanted my reaction, you had to wait. You just kept going and can continue with it,” said Ragini.

Speaking on her upcoming movies, Ragini said, I want to give different movies in 2021. My next movie ‘Nane next CM’ is coming in April. The publicity of it has started . We have tried to show the strength of a common man. She says that the talkie portion of Gandhigiri movie is over.

“We do a lot of social service through the RD Foundation. I am thankful for my entire team. Everyone in my team had supported and gave strength when i was in distress. I am grateful for all of them. I want to work on women’s empowerment, education and mental wellness,” Ragini said.

Ragini dwivedi



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