The teaser of Darshan Thoogudeepa starrer Roberrt kannada movie was like a countdown to all fans from a month. On the eve of Darshan’s birthday Tarun Sudhir directorial movie Roberrt teaser is released.

While the teaser has all mass elements like look, dialogues, action and a suspense mystery behind the theme. But Darshan looks terrific and his dialogue delivery with that crisp voice gives goosebumps.

Roberrt kannada movie

However, the teaser is just the hint of what the character might be, but there seems to be too many shades of Darshan. As the poster had a Hanuman look and here Darshan says a dialogue that portrays him with a villany shade. We should wait for the trailer to know the real gist of the story.

In the first poster which was released, Darshan is seen in the incarnation of Hanuman and has taken Rama on his shoulder. The makers have really confused the people with the poster and title of the film, who are left guessing what the movie has in the store for them.

Darshan will be seen in different roles in the movie. ‘Robert’ is an emotional action film. However, this is not a mythological film as it has both Lord Rama and Hanuman characters in the poster. This poster comes in a scenario of the movie.


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