Hariprriya says sorry to her fans for disappointing them


After knowing about her fans disappointment after watching her latest movie. Actress Hariprriya apologise her fans for doing Soojidaara movie and claims they makers have added unwanted stuff.

Recently the actress posted on her social media page about her sadness over her recent movie Soojidaara. The actress was not seen on the screen for a longer time which irked her fans who wentbto see her.

Source : Actress Hariprriya Facebook page.


Her fans claimed that they had to go back in between the movie, as their favourite actress had very less screen appearance.

Hariprriya stated on her page saying, “Hey people, Sorry ..Sorry and Sorry again. My regular fan interaction Sunday turned out to be a thought provoking one instead. Today, a lot of fans and well wishers came home to take selfies as usual but they told me they felt really bad about Soojidaara. They expected to see more of me in Soojidaara and when I wasn’t seen much they had to walk out of the theatre!! Frankly speaking that was not the story I was told.”

“They added some unwanted stuff. I was disappointed when I first watched the movie but kept quiet. All I wanted was to support a theatre team to make a full fledged feature film. But look what happened. I am extremely sorry from my end, will not repeat the mistake again. Will make sure I entertain you more in the coming cinemas of mine,” she added.


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