Yajamana movie has one more blockbuster in its quiver. ‘Basanni‘ a special song of the film, which has been performed by Tanya Hope.

Challenging Star Darshan and Tanya has come together on screen for the first time. The onscren pairing of both Darshan and Tanya looks impressive with just those photo stills.  Yogaraj Bhat and V. Harikrishna had previously done a similar experiment. Now their new experiment has succeeded and got good reviews.

Challenging Star Darshan and Tanya Hope in a special song from Yajamana Movie.

Hit North Karnataka flavour song in Yajamana movie

Yet another Yogaraj Bhatt’s lyrics, V Harikrishna music and vocals gives a peppy number to Darshan fans. Along with this, the song is a jarring literature in northern Karnataka. What else do you need for a hit song? The song ‘Basanni …’ is being buzzed everywhere.

The song starts with the ‘Disco adalake galu galu heje kattini.. Lux soapu haaki justu jalaka maadi bandini…’ This song is tuned according to youngster’s flavour. Yogaraj Bhat has written the lyrics for this song and everyone are appreciating it.

However, the specialty of this song is the language of northern Karnataka. The entire song is in the North Karnataka language. Earlier, two songs of ‘Master’ were released. However, the Song released on Republic Day is very catchy and hummable by everyone.

Yajamana Movie 2019


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