After deciding to allow only 100 per cent occupancy at cinema halls in February across the State, the Karnataka Government on Friday said it will allow theatres to operate with 50 per cent occupancy. Reacting on the state government decision, Actor Puneeth Rajkumar has called on the government to allow full-scale theaters.

The state government orders restrictions again of 50 per cent occupancy in theatres including in 8 districts. Also Swimming pools, gyms to close from tomorrow, 15 days for Friday.

Speaking on the governments order, Puneeth Rajkumar said, In Malls and cinema theatres people are watching movies following government guidelines. Please, don’t put restrictions. This is going to be difficult for the film industry. He said such a decision would create a lot of fear among people.

Safety is important in the present context. And life must go on. Everyone is wearing a mask. Actor Puneeth appealed to the audience to wear a mask and sanitize their hands when they visit any cinema theatres.

People come in with their family and watch movies. Everyone is taking care of their own safety. Director Santosh Anandram opposed the government’s decision that this restriction is not appropriate when the film is going well.

There is an election rally everywhere, there are many programs. Why is it restricted to cinema only. There are only 500–600 people inside the theater. Everyone is watching movie wearing a mask. People are coming to the movie theater. There are two intervals.

The outbreak will hit the economy of industry and films. Ahead, What will be the situation of the producers. It’s a sad thing. It’s like ruining good cinema ourselves. He said the government should support when the people are standing by them.


Actor Kiccha Sudeep moral support to Yuvarathnaa team

On Saturday, In a tweet Kiccha Sudeep said, “Going back to 50% theatrical occupancy is surely a shocker to a film thats just released. Respecting the governments decision too is our duty, keeping in mind its for a reason. I wish team Yuvarathnaa the best of strength to over come this situation and come out victorious.”

Actor Puneeth

Actor Puneeth



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